Bring Your Online Learning Strategy Into Focus Infographic

Bring Your Online Learning Strategy Into Focus Infographic

Bring Your Online Learning Strategy Into Focus Infographic

Online Learning Strategy Into Focus: The big picture for venturing into online learning requires engagement at all levels of an organization and throughout the entire process.

1. Envision:

  • Identify sources of influence.
  • Determine purpose of the program.
  • Determine mission of the program.
  • Determine audience of the program.
  • Align vision and requirements.
  • Gather feedback.

2. Resource:

  • List resources for technology support.
  • Describe technological infrastructure.
  • Determine sources of financial support.
  • Identify and recruit experienced support.
  • List institutional resources.
  • Start gathering expertise.

3. Plan:

  • Seek experienced input.
  • Describe program integration.
  • Draft course development protocols.
  • Anticipate integration needs.
  • Anticipate scaling and sustainability.
  • Develop a timeline.

4. Develop:

  • Seek expert input early.
  • Collaborate on course environment design.
  • Follow iterative development approach.
  • Support faculty development.
  • Regularly monitor progress.
  • Require rationale for choices.

5. Test:

  • Require a pilot with faculty and students.
  • Gather and analyze data from pilot.
  • Include faculty feedback in evaluation.
  • Arrange for external evaluation.
  • Arrange for technology focused testing.
  • Use results to inform final product.

6. Implement:

  • Coordinate online learning schedules.
  • Introduce evaluation protocols.
  • Provide Polices & Procedures manual.
  • Maintain faculty development.
  • Keep service desk updated.
  • Maintain repository.
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