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How Your Brain Ages Infographic

How Your Brain Ages Infographic

How your brain ages is a complex topic. While it is true that everyone’s brain ages differently (that’s why one grandfather might be sharp as a whip while the other may have Parkinson’s disease), it is also true that brains age in certain patterns that take place at certain times in our lives. Brain growth is unbelievably fast when we are developing as fetuses and infants. Not too surprising, but when you hear a number like 250,000 neurons created/minute, you have to stop and appreciate what our bodies can create. And our brains keep developing, and creating new connections… until they start to shrink, and work slower.

New studies report that mental decline may, start around age 45—earlier than was previously believed. While the brain goes through several significant changes as it gets older, it’s not all bad news. Plus, there are several things you can do to make sure your brain stays healthy.

A few hightlights from the How Your Brain Ages Infographic:

  • By age 6, a brain is 95% of it’s adult weight.
  • The peak of brain power, scientists believe, comes around age 22 and lasts until about age 27.
  • Between the age of 20 and 90 years, the brain loses between 5 and 10% of it’s total weight.
  • Most of this lost weight it water, and it’s not related to dehydration or climate.
  • Men tend to lose more brain mass and connection faster than women. Fascinating!

Via: www.termlifeinsurance.org

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