Back to School – Back to Scream 2016 Infographic

Back to School – Back to Scream 2016

Back to School – Back to Scream 2016 Infographic

Finish off back-to-school season and get ready for Halloween with the Back to School – Back to Scream 2016 Infographic detailing all the tricks (and treats!) you'll need for affiliate marketing this fall!

Back-to-school shopping is well underway and most marketers have their programs in full swing from building around back-to-school content publishing strategies to leveraging strong advertiser-publisher relationships. But back-to-school shopping isn't the only holiday that marketers should be invested in during this time of year. As the days start to get shorter and the weather starts to change, there's one holiday that everyone's starting to look towards: Halloween.

Halloween (and the fall in general) is a great opportunity for most advertisers to put out some exciting seasonal offers, as well as promote products they may not be able to any other time of the year. These products? Halloween costumes! And data shows that this year shoppers are going to be looking towards dressing up as their favorite movie characters. This coincides with a lot of Hollywood reboots and long-awaited sequels that have been taking place, so older fans of the originals and younger fans of the remakes might be looking for the same types of costumes (Ghostbusters and Star Wars: the Force Awakens are both perfect examples).

However, this is just one of the many strategies to take advantage of this fall. Treat yourself to all the insights and information you'll need to get started with your Halloween planning with the Back to School – Back to Scream 2016 Infographic. You'll get the full inside scoop on what to expect this season, complete with data from the Rakuten Affiliate Network and strategies from their experts.

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