Arts-Focused Professional Development Infographic

Arts-Focused Professional Development Infographic

Arts-Focused Professional Development Infographic

When it comes to professional development, arts-focused educators get the short end of the stick. While there are hundreds of thousands of arts educators, professional development that is meaningful to arts-focused work is nearly impossible to find at the school-level. The Arts-focused Professional Development Infographic shows how the arts are being left behind in meaningful professional development and how online learning can play a huge role.

Facts about arts-focused professional learning:

“K-12 teachers indicate that teachers believe the arts are important in education, but use them rarely. They are hindered by a lack of professional development and intense pressure to teach the mandated curriculum.” (Oreck, 2004)

“Arts-integrated professional development provides an important sense of community and respect among arts teachers, classroom educators and administration in schools.” (Burnaford, 2009)

“Online teacher professional development has the same effect on student learning and teacher behavior as more traditional face-to-face models.” (Fishman, Konstantopoulos, Kubitskey, Vath, Park, Johnson, and Edelson, 2013)

The following national professional arts organizations ALL offer some sort of online professional learning:

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