5 AI Technologies Shaping Healthcare Of The Future

5 AI Technologies Shaping Healthcare Of The Future

5 AI Technologies Shaping Healthcare Of The Future—Infographic

Sophisticated AI tools and technologies, and their implementation, have transformed the trajectory of the healthcare sector, for caregivers and receivers, shareholders and governments. From diagnosis, detection, and treatment to surgical operations and pain management, customer service and decision-making, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is nothing less than a radical change. According to Frost and Sullivan, AI systems are estimated to be a US $6 billion industry by 2021.

AI Technologies Transforming Healthcare

Voice Assistants

Used for chronic disease management, health tips, insurance advisory and claims management.

  • 7.5% of US consumers have used voice assistants for healthcare in 2019.
  • US $559.6 million is the projected US market share by 2024.


AI connected devices, more than a fashion accessory for health and fitness enthusiasts, they keep track of user's activity, heart rate, heart rhythms, and monitor heart pressure

  • 80% of consumers are willing to wear wearables for tracking health statistics.
  • US $14.41 billion is the expected value of the medical wearable market by 2023.

Virtual Reality

Used for training surgeons, phobia buster treatment, and chronic pain management.

  • 54.5% is the expected CAGR of the healthcare Virtual Reality industry (2017-2023).
  • US $6.91 billion is the projected value of VR in the healthcare market.

Chatbots And AI Virtual Health Assistants

Implemented across customer service, diagnostic tools, and even therapy.

  • 24.3% is the projected  CAGR  of global healthcare chatbots by 2025.
  • US $11 billion is the estimated annual savings by 2023 due to chatbot adoption.

Robot-Assisted Surgery

Minimally invasive operations using miniaturized instruments by surgeons under the guidance of robots that provide insights gathered from previous operations.

  • 46% of US adults (18-34 yrs) preferred robot-assisted surgery in 2018.
  • US $40 billion is the estimated annual savings by 2026.
Via: https://www.day1tech.com/5-ai-technologies-changing-healthcare/
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