9 Scaffolding Steps For Deeper Understanding Infographic

9 Scaffolding Steps For Deeper Understanding In Your Classroom Infographic

  1. Ask a question
    What do you know about ants?
  2. Present a mystery for students to solve
    How does an ant carry 50 times its body weight? Can you?
  3. Ask students to draw what they know
    Can you draw how you think ants carry things? How do you carry things?
  4. Give students ample time to research the mystery
    Can you find the answer and bring it back to class?
  5.  Ask students to draw the mystery and the solution again
    Can you draw that for me?
  6.  Ask students to share with other students
    Can you explain your drawing to each other?
  7. Ask students to pull all their ideas together into one drawing
    Can you use all of your ideas together to solve the mystery?
  8. Teacher patiently asks ‘what if’ questions
    What if I have an apple on my desk? How will the ant carry it? Do you carry it differently? Why?
  9. If students need more information, send them back to step 4, and start over until the objective or outcome is reached.

I highly encourage you to check:  Scaffold like an ant - a simple scaffolding example by Mia MacMeekin

Via: http://anethicalisland.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/scaffold-like-an-ant-a-simple-scaffolding-example/
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