8 Merry Leadership Lessons Taught by Santa Infographic

8 Merry Leadership Lessons Taught by Santa Infographic

8 Merry Leadership Lessons Taught by Santa Infographic

Employees are now more knowledgeable and educated than ever. People are not just looking to be taught, they want to be motivated to succeed. The 8 Merry Leadership Lessons Taught by Santa Infographic presents 8 leadership skills that characterize Santa and should be features of every good leader.

1. Preach Selflessness

Good leaders will always put others ahead of themselves. They truly believe in the team concept and know that there’s strength in numbers.

2. Invoke Reciprocity

It's the Golden Rule! Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

3. Inspire Colleagues

A good leader will find the time to inspire colleagues when they hit lows and push them to new heights when they are doing good.

4. Getting Everyone on the Same Page

A smart leader will always remind people of the greater purpose of their work and why it's important.

5. Lead with the Why

Find the meaning and make the connection between the work you do and why it affects a lot of people.

6. Challenge Everyone

A good leader will gain an understanding of their colleagues and be able to know what motivates them and what does not.

7. Focus on Outcomes

Good leaders always focus on the bigger picture. They also manage to get this message out to colleagues in a transparent way.

8. Inform and Educate

A good leader will always inform and educate the people around of them, allowing colleagues to ask more relevant questions that will benefit the organization.

Having Good Leaders within Your Office Matters!

Good leaders make workplaces better and cause more employee happiness, satisfaction, and engagement. Tools like Offlcevibe can help by promoting good leadership practices and helping companies find out where the real problems may stem between managers and employees in order to solve them.

Via: http://www.officevibe.com/blog/leadership-lessons-santa-infographic
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