7 Steps to Launching A Successful Email Signature Marketing Campaign

7 Steps to Launching a Successful Email Signature Marketing Campaign—Infographic

7 Steps To Launching a Successful Email Signature Marketing Campaign—Infographic

Email has been called the dinosaur of the technology world. However, it remains in use even today not just as an option but as a default for all important communication in a company.

Communication via emails is fast, cheap, accessible, and easily replicated.

Nowadays there are a lot of email alternatives such as video chatting, online calling, and instant messaging. Still, email dominates as the tool for all-important conversations.

And due to this fact, email signature marketing can be exceptionally powerful.

Email signature marketing is the practice of using your email signature for marketing purposes such as increasing brand awareness and improving the CTR of your business outreach and marketing emails.

Moreover, it also allows you to standardize your business’s email signature template across the entire organization while managing it centrally from a platform like Newoldstamp.

Email signatures are a thing where you can test different elements and quickly adjust them to particular user segments or complementing campaigns.

The beauty of email signature marketing is that its ROI can rise to 34000%!

Check out the infographic to learn how to launch a successful email signature marketing campaign.

Via: https://newoldstamp.com/blog/email-signature-marketing-guide/
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