6 Questions eLearning Vendors Will Ask Before Development

6 Questions eLearning Vendors Will Ask Before Development Infographic

Are you planning to outsource your eLearning development and not quite sure of how to be prepare for it? How do you gauge if the eLearning vendor has what it takes to make your eLearning a success? Any competent eLearning vendor will ask you a few questions before starting with the design and development.

These questions will include asking for your business problem and training gaps, what your expectations from the training program are, how aware is the audience of gaps in their learning process, who are the project contributors, what is the duration for your eLearning courses, and what are the start and end dates for the eLearning project.

You should be ready with answers to these questions, otherwise a lot of effort can be wasted trying to alter course mid-way, once eLearning development has begun. So how do you ensure you are prepared to answer your eLearning vendor’s questions so that the project goes smoothly?

Check this infographic for what information your eLearning vendor will need from you to make the project a success.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/elearning-vendor-questions-infographic
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