5 Ways Mobile Learning Increases Sales Success Infographic

5 Ways Mobile Learning Increases Sales Success Infographic

5 Ways Mobile Learning Increases Sales Success Infographic

Mobile learning is leading the charge in sales training, serving up training suitable for a group often on the move and, increasingly, working their craft in collaborative, virtual environments. In this infographic, PulseLearning discusses 5 ways mobile learning increases sales success.

Effective sales training can give your business the competitive edge. Let’s face it; most businesses exist to provide a product or service to satisfy a particular consumer want or need. While marketing makes your customers aware of your offerings, it’s the job of Sales that convinces them to make a purchase. Because Sales is the life force of your business—bringing in the money to maintain a sustainable operation, your sales training needs to be on point. Here we discuss 5 ways mobile learning increases Sales success in your business.


This training follows a “triple J” strategy delivering information that’s “just enough, just in time, just for me”. Mobile learning can be accessed immediately from a tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Information can be presented through quick videos that efficiently transfer features and benefits knowledge to the salesperson while out on the job.


If your training is being delivered face to face across different locations, the consistency of your message is in the hands of the facilitator. By moving Sales training online and having your Sales team complete the same learning activities, you can build a consistent sales approach that translates to a quality customer experience. Importantly, ensuring your sales representatives talk about your business in the same way strengthens your brand and continues building your positive reputation.


The adage “time is money” couldn’t be more true these days so training solutions need to make smarter use of precious employee time. With a mobile learning approach, you won’t need to take employees off the job to attend sales training. Instead, training can be built into work schedules as a regular, ongoing activity.


I high percentage of Sales training happens at an annual conference or through ad hoc classroom sessions; however, research shows that people learn best in short, regular bursts. Concise microlearning modules, delivered to a scheduled plan, allows you to provide constant reminders of important Sales messages so they are retained instead of forgotten. This approach can also help motivate Sales employees and enhance productivity through information such as sales updates, achievements, and other inspiration.


The beauty of mobile learning is that learners access it on devices with social networking tools at their fingertips. An effective solution will take advantage of social and community features to encourage discussion and information sharing among colleagues. Generating online discussion can significantly extend the training experience, provide even more motivation, and build healthy camaraderie within your Sales team.


Via: https://www.pulselearning.com/blog/5-ways-mobile-learning-increases-sales-success/
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