5 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter Infographic

5 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter Infographic

5 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter Infographic

Hobbies aren't just a fun way to pass the time. Research has shown that mildly creative pursuits like knitting, cooking, or photography actually boost your performance at work. But did you know that certain after-hours activities can actually make you smarter too? With the help of the 5 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter Infographic find out what hobbies you should choose that will make you smarter. Here are the activities it recommends.

1. Exercise

Hitting the gym will make you smarter. Exercise "enhances object recognition memory -- the ability to discriminate the familiarity of previously encountered objects" and "releases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) -- a protein linked to cognitive benefits such as long-term memory," it asserts.

2. Playing a musical instrument

Strumming that guitar isn't just a creative outlet; it's also a brain workout that enhances cognitive skills and academic achievement by promoting the development of executive function.

3. Playing video games

Video games actually develop working memory and improve spatial navigation and motor performance.

4. Learning a new language
Learning a language isn't just useful for traveling - it can also slow brain aging and have a positive effect on later life cognition, says the infographic, which also praises bilingual individuals as better at solving puzzles, planning, and task management because of their brains' experience switching between languages.

5. Reading
Daily reading causes significant increases in connectivity in the left temporal cortex of the brain -- an area associated with receptivity for language.

Via: http://proessaywriter.net/5-hobbies-that-can-make-you-smarter/
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