44 Team Building Activities for Work Infographic

The 44 Team Building Activities for Work Infographic will give you an overview of 44 simple, subtle activities which are designed to help you become healthier, happier, and more productive at work.

  1. Think Positively
  2. Give Feedback To Manager
  3. Use Water Over Cola
  4. Solve A Situation
  5. Refer A New Candidate
  6. Water The Plants At The Office
  7. Praise Colleague
  8. Suggest An Improvement
  9. Eat Fruits And Veggies
  10. Bring Meal From Home
  11. Clean Up Kitchen Area
  12. Learn More About A Colleague
  13. Eat Healthy Breakfast
  14. Eat Away From Desk
  15. Lunch With Colleague
  16. Sit On An Exercise Ball
  17. Yoga
  18. Drink 2L Of Water A Day
  19. Go For A Jog
  20. Use Reusable Bottle
  21. Workout
  22. Adjust Sitting Posture
  23. Focus With Sound
  24. Use The Pomodoro Technique
  25. Mentor A New Employee
  26. Give Feedback To A Colleague
  27. Set Goals For The Week
  28. Have A To-Do List
  29. Reshare A Company Post
  30. Use A Reusable Mug
  31. Do Pro Bono Work
  32. Use A Standup Desk
  33. Make Coffee For Others
  34. Stretch Your Arms
  35. Bin-Sket Ball
  36. Colleague’s Birthday
  37. Compliment Someone
  38. Say Good Morning
  39. Take The Stairs
  40. Shoot A Smile At Someone
Via: http://www.officevibe.com/blog/team-building-activities-for-work-info
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