4 Must-See Examples Of Gamification Of Compliance Training Infographic

4 Must-See Examples Of Gamification Of Compliance Training Infographic

Compliance trainings have been a significant part of corporate trainings for a long time now, they have been in the online format for the last 25 years. There have been a lot of changes since then in the way learning strategies are structured. And, compliance trainings have not yet used any new strategies to enhance the experiences of the learner.

Usually, compliance trainings are mandatory programs, and learners are never enthusiastic about taking them up. Most compliance trainings also tend to be dreary, making it harder for learners to remain engaged. One way to make sure that learner receive a whole compliance training experience is by using gamification. By implementing it effectively, gamification can create a sticky learning experience and high engagement, high recall and higher retention, and correct application.

In this infographic, you will discover 4 examples that organizations can use to look at how gamification enhances the effectiveness of compliance trainings.

Adopting a gamification approach in compliance training has multiple benefits for both learners as well as the business. It helps learners gain a higher level of engagement and an immersive experience that boosts learners to take the course with interest and enjoy the learning journey. From a business perspective, it instills the spirit of ’why comply.’ It also leads to the required behavioral change. Organizations will see more positive gains as they start applying or enhancing the existing approach by using these examples in their corporate trainings.

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