7 Most Useful eLearning Tips for 2017 Infographic

7 Most Useful eLearning Tips for 2017 Infographic

7 Most Useful eLearning Tips for 2017 Infographic

eLearning is big business, and it’s only going to continue being popular as time goes on and we shift into more digital lifestyles. If you want your eLearning program in your company to succeed, you need to make sure that it is up to date with current standards. These important tips will help you to do that in 2017.

1. Prioritize mobile users

Make sure that you are always optimizing your course for mobile users, and that you design it with them in mind first and foremost.

2. Go clean with design

Make sure that you don’t overcomplicate things. Users are now looking for a clean design and interface which allows them to see everything easily.

3. Be responsive

Your eLearning course should always be responsive. Make sure that it adapts to the size of the screen rather than always staying the same, and to the layout as well.

4. Use simple navigation

Don’t have long, drop-down menus or mystery items. Each item in your menu should be clear, easy to understand, and as simple as possible.

5. Add visual aids

Having a lot of text in your eLearning app or course may put users off. Make sure to include visual aids to keep things interesting and to hold their attention.

6. Combine different types of media, wisely

As well as using pictures to explain a concept, you can use them to teach, alongside other mediums. This way, you will appeal to different learning preferences, which is very important for the diverse students that you will take your course.

7. Make it personal

Be sure to personalize the experience. Use the student’s name, and make sure to tailor questions to their current skill level by having an aptitude test at the beginning.

Via: http://info.shiftelearning.com/blog/7-most-useful-e-learning-tips
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