10 Tips For Creating Inspiring Learning Spaces Infographic

10 Tips For Creating Inspiring Learning Spaces Infographic

10 Tips For Creating Inspiring Learning Spaces Infographic

How do you inspire your students? That’s an important question for every educator to contemplate and answer. What invitation into learning do you offer, and how can learning spaces be a part of that invitation?

Does your classroom invite learners into an inspiring experience? As they cross the threshold into the classroom, what does the classroom itself say about learning? How does it cue the learner to the expectations for learning and the student experience about to occur?

Inspiring spaces can look different to different people, but such a space can take kids somewhere new, somewhere magical even, where it is possible to be immersed in the wonder and curiosity associated with meaningful and joyful learning.

Inspiring spaces empower, engage and create the conditions for learning. Simply stated, inspiring spaces can help make kids better learners.

For teachers, spaces that inspire can be part of a palette that they use to design experiences for learners. Imagine what teachers could create for learners if they had a space that was agile, flexible and could be reshaped on demand? How would that shift what school would look like? How would that reshape the experience for students? The infographic presents 10 tips for creating inspiring learning spaces for your students today.

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Via: http://blog.edtechteam.com/2015/11/inspiring-spaces-and-10-ways-you-can.html
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