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Τhe Chain of Successful eLearning Infographic

For some time now, most companies have been trying to implement e-learning, as their major platform for delivering training, to their employees. Most of them experienced that the path to successful e-learning can be rough and full of difficulties. To overcome these difficulties, Τhe Chain of Successful eLearning Infographic presents 10 “links” that make the “chain” of e-Learning, to help improve your e-learning strategy significantly:

  1. Have a great beginning
  2. Set measurable and attainable learning objectives
  3. Address different learning styles
  4. Add instructions
  5. Keep the content conversational
  6. Assess the learners
  7. Minimize distraction
  8. Use interactivities judiciously
  9. Follow usability guidelines
  10. Chunk at the screen level

Via: blog.commlabindia.com

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