All About Instructional Design Strategies

All About Instructional Design Strategies—Infographic This infographic explains all you need to know about instructional design strategies. What is an instructional design strategy? Why do instructional designers need a strategy? What are the components of a good instructional design strategy? An instructional strategy is a high-level plan of how a subject must be taught. It refers […]

180-Day Onboarding Timeline

180-Day Onboarding Timeline—Infographic Onboarding is not a one-day or one-week process. It takes time for a new employee to become comfortable on a new job. And even longer for them to fit into your company’s culture. The first six months are critical. Given the time and expense of hiring and recruiting, there’s simply too much […]

10 Steps On How To Conduct A TNA

10 Steps On How To Conduct A TNA—Infographic 1. Set a context before conducting TNA It is a must when you’re conducting a training need analysis. The focus of the training will determine the scope and topics that need to be covered. Usually, the context of the analysis is always the business plan and its […]

10 Must Use Strategies to Engage and Train the Overwhelmed Employees

10 Must Use Strategies to Engage and Train the Overwhelmed Employees—Infographic Today, the concept of work-life balance is getting lost. With the blurred line of when the work ends and personal time begins, the overwhelmed employee is now visible across all industry verticals. Although these overwhelmed employees would love to put in lesser hours than […]

5 Traits Of Top-Performing Project Managers

5 Traits Of Top-Performing Project Managers —Infographic How can you tell if your project manager can execute projects to their conclusion? There are traits that effective project managers frequently have in common, yet there is no hard and fast rule that characterizes every great project manager. In literally every position, successful employees must have excellent […]

9 Sleep Tips for College Students in 2023: A Complete Guide

9 Sleep Tips for College Students in 2023: A Complete Guide—Infographic We are showing the importance of limiting alcohol, avoiding drinking caffeine too late, grabbing a power nap, keeping homework out of your bed, avoiding TV, computers, and video games before bed, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding taking study drugs. Also, choosing the best […]

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How To Be A Likeable, Approachable Person To Work With

How To Be A Likeable, Approachable Person To Work With—Infographic To build emotional intelligence, you have be social and approachable.  Having great intrapersonal skills is very important. People who are approachable smile a lot and have good verbal and non-verbal communication skills. No one likes having to work with a person whom they want to […]

9 Hidden Biases That Can Rule Your Life

9 Hidden Biases That Can Rule Your Life—Infographic As humans, we do not always think with a clear head. Some of the decisions we make may not be the most rational. There could be various roots to these irrational decisions, but one of the most prominent is thinking biases. Today’s infographic takes a look at […]

7 Tips to Build a Great Company Culture

7 Tips to Build a Great Company Culture—Infographic As a small business owner, you likely operate with just a few key employees, which means retention is high on your list of priorities. In today’s competitive job market, pension plans, salary, and healthcare benefits might be enough to attract top talent, but they alone won’t be […]

How To Build A Positive Team Culture

How To Build A Positive Team Culture—Infographic Positive team culture is important because it allows for a productive and healthy team environment. When team members feel supported and appreciated, they are more likely to be motivated and collaborative. Positive team culture can help to improve communication, morale, and productivity. Positive team spirit can have a […]

Christmas By The Numbers

Christmas By The Numbers —Infographic The most expensive Christmas tree ever decorated cost more than 11 million dollars. More than 350 million trees grow within United States’ farms. While this may seem like a lot, only 25-30 million real trees are purchased by Americans each year. The below infographic outlines more interesting facts about Christmas.

The Changing Ages Of The Workforce

The Changing Ages Of The Workforce—Infographic As time goes on, the demographic of people working changes. There’s a constant cycle of older generations aging and retiring. For example, Baby Boomers are currently between the ages of 76 and 57. This means that a good number of them have already retired or are looking to retire […]

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