Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies—Infographic In addition to literacy strategies, approaches to assessment, and grouping strategies (among many others), knowing the right teaching strategy for the right academic situation may not be a matter of expertise or training, but memory: out of sight, out of mind, yes? While this infographic doesn’t offer definitions and explanations for each strategy […]

How to Improve Employee Productivity

How to Improve Employee Productivity—Infographic The COVID19 pandemic has affected the daily routine of most people around the globe. At the height of the pandemic, governments imposed tight travel restrictions with neighboring countries and strict quarantine measures within their borders to slow down the spread of the virus. Because of this, most people had no […]

3 Vital Reasons Every Business Owner Needs A Business Coach

3 Vital Reasons Every Business Owner Needs A Business Coach—Infographic Running your own business can feel like a juggling act. Given the hustle and bustle of everyday life when running your own business, you might not always know if you're taking the right approach to reach your goals. That's why when starting a new project […]

12 Free Ways to Learn Design

12 Free Ways to Learn Design—Infographic You don’t always have to spend money to make money. There’s plenty of free information available and it is now possible to learn how to design online. Whether you dream of breaking into design or working on freelance graphic design projects, here are twelve free ways to get started. 1. Learn […]

20 Ideas You're Using Video Meetings With Students

20 Ideas You're Using Video Meetings With Students —Infographic Chances are, you’re already using video calls in your personal life. You FaceTime your far-away family or Zoom with friends from other countries. “Use it in the classroom, though? I wouldn’t know where to start,” many educators say. Or maybe you're one of the countless teachers across […]

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10 Tips for Learner-Centered Training

10 Tips for Learner-Centered Training — Infographic This infographic offers 10 tips for designing learner-centered training. Here they are: Don't start at the beginning. Design your training overview so that it ties directly to success in your learners' current or future position. Design your face-to-face course with Bob Pike's 90-20-8 rule in mind. Designing elearning […]

What Is Microlearning Within eLearning?

What Is Microlearning Within eLearning?—Infographic Microlearning is a hot topic. At Flowsparks, we explain this and show you how eLearning with microlearning can help. The best way to design microlearning is to focus on one learning goal. This allows the learner to go in-depth into the provided topic and to really become an expert on […]

Why Do You Need SEO Services For Your Business In 2022?

Why Do You Need SEO Services For Your Business In 2022?—Infographic In this Infographic we have a lot to tell you about search engine optimization. We've chosen the ten most important facts that you need to know. In this guide, you'll find the answers to the popular questions concerning SEO like " What is SEO?", […]

Five Parameters To Build Effective Personalized Learning Experiences

Five Parameters To Build Effective Personalized Learning Experiences—Infographic It’s no secret that impactful learning programs can drive significant results for successful business outcomes. However, several organizations are struggling to leverage personalized training programs to engage the millennial workforce. Having an effective training program can be helpful in attracting new talent, improve retention, boost productivity and […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Customer Training Matters

Top 10 Reasons Why Customer Training Matters—Infographic Customer education, adoption and loyalty are at the heart of your success. Happy customers mean more referrals, repeat sales, and ultimately, more business. What’s the key to helping you better serve your clients and support your business? Your customer training. The benefits of customer training are vast, with […]

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