Top LMS Features Survey Infographic Higher Education

Top LMS Survey Infographic Education

Top LMS Features Survey—Infographic

Do you want to leverage insights from Higher Ed / Education (K-12) users? We talked to over 1000 LMS users to open a window into their diverse LMS wants and needs. Find out what they said!

Download this LMS Features Survey Infographic to:

  • Learn which learning modalities are mostly used for education
  • Explore which features educators value most in their LMS
  • See if they use the LMS for compliance training and certifications
  • Discover if they find self-paced and virtual learning modalities vital
  • Understand LMS user challenges and expectations

LMS vendors can use this report to discover which features eLearning Industry community members value most in their LMS. Then, by relying on the data, you can enhance your marketing strategies and product optimization.

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