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How a Flipped Classroom Works Infographic

How a Flipped Classroom Works Infographic In 2008 in Colorado, two chemistry teachers, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams had an idea: they purchased some software and filmed themselves giving lectures. They then posted it online for students to access. It was a success for the students – increasing engagement and freeing up time in class. […]

The Flipped Classroom Infographic

The Flipped Classroom Infographic explores how educators are reorganizing the classroom to deliver instruction online, outside of class and using class time for “homework". The infographic takes a close look at educational technology and activity learning as new, effective learning models that are driven by historically poor learning models and a prevalence of new technology […]

Active Ingredients For The Flipped Classroom Infographic

As technology becomes increasingly common in instruction at all levels of education from kindergarten to college, the modern classroom is changing. The traditional teacher-centered classroom is falling away to give students a student-centered classroom where collaborative learning is stressed. One way educators are effectively utilizing online learning and changing the way they teach is by […]

Flipped Learning Approach: Benefits To Learner And Organisation Infographic

Flipped Learning Approach: Benefits To Learner And Organisation Infographic Technology developments are encouraging an increasing range of options for workplace training, allowing organisations to adapt the learning method depending on the content, audience or work environment. One approach being employed by many is the flipped learning approach to learning. This takes the traditional classroom based […]

How Technology Transforms Classrooms Infographic

How Technology Transforms Classrooms Infographic Technology has changed the way we operate in our day-to-day lives. From driving to work to cooking in the kitchen, from the way we do research to the ways we entertain ourselves, all of us are affected by technology. The classroom has not been exempt from changes in technology. The […]

Flipped Learning: The Big Picture Infographic

Flipped Learning: The Big Picture Infographic As we progress rapidly into the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, questions continue to be raised about how education addresses the ever increasing demands for change, integrating emerging technologies, and maximising the possibilities for every student. Teachers are searching for ways to focus on engaging students […]

Flipping the Classroom Infographic

New technology is opening new doors in classrooms all over the world as more teachers are using a flipped classroom  approach to deliver their content. Are you interestend in flipping your classroom? The Flipping the Classroom Infographic presents ways teachers can get started with flipping their classroom, what resources they can use and how flipped […]

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